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How do I increase my credit limit?

Once you have an approved Polar Credit Line, your limit will increase or decrease in line with our Agreement with you.

We will review your account every six months and, if we are able to increase your credit limit, we will contact you by email so that you can confirm if you would like to go ahead with a limit increase.

Please ensure you act as a responsible borrower and do not agree to increase your limit if you feel you may not be able to keep up with your repayments. We base our lending decisions on the latest information available to us, however this does not mean that you have to increase your credit limit if you do not want to do so.

You can also contact us in advance of your semi-annual credit limit review to request that we increase your credit limit. You may be asked to provide further information. To be eligible for a credit limit increase you need to use your Polar Credit account sensibly and make your repayments in a timely manner. All credit limit changes whether proposed by us or requested by you are subject to a creditworthiness and affordability assessment.