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What is a Continuous Payment Authority?

Continuous Payment Authority (or CPA) is the permission that you give us to collect your repayments without you having to log in and make the repayments yourself. We use your registered debit card details, so please ensure that your card details are up to date and that there are sufficient funds in your bank account to meet the minimum payment in each month when it's due. Please note that missing your repayments can have serious consequences.

Your minimum payment occurs on the same day each month and we will send you a reminder prior to your payment date so that you know when and how much is due. We will send you a reminder by email and text message 3 days and 1 day before your repayment date. You can also always check your upcoming payments by logging into your Polar Credit account online.

We will not make more than two attempts to collect each minimum payment due and we will not attempt to collect an amount that is different to the minimum amount due unless we have specifically agreed that with you. If our attempt to collect your minimum payment on the due date fails, we will notify you of this failure and will let you know that we will be making another attempt to collect the amount due on the following day. You may make additional payments at any time.

You can cancel your continuous payment authority at any time by getting in touch with us. Please be aware however that it remains your responsibility to ensure at least the minimum monthly repayment is made in full and on time each month. We can also accept repayment by bank transfer, please contact us for our bank details and your reference number if you prefer to make your repayments that way.