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£200 £2000 Representative Example: Amount of credit: £1200, interest rate: 49.9% pa (variable) and 1.65% transaction fee. Representative 68.7% APR (variable)

Borrow money online

Filling out countless piles of paperwork during your lunch break, waiting for the lender to manually review your application and anxiously anticipating being informed of the lending decision are thankfully all antiques from the past. Luckily, the rapid expansion of fintech services in the last 20 years has broken the barriers of access to credit and made getting hold of money quick and easy! Borrowing money online allows you access to cash quickly at any time of the day. With so many lending facilities available at your fingertips, you no longer need to wonder how can I borrow money, or where can I borrow money now? 

Where to borrow money?

When looking for credit, it is important to check if you are borrowing from a direct lender, like Polar Credit, or a credit broker. Direct lenders manage the lending process themselves, whereas credit brokers act as a middleman who will pass on your personal details to a lender, often for a commission fee.

The market is inundated with many options for credit, from payday loans, guarantor loans, credit cards, overdrafts to borrowing money from friends and family, but how do you know what is the best product for you? Each product has its own benefits and disadvantages and what is right for you will depend entirely on your circumstances. However, if you need to borrow money quickly and securely, why not try our brand new solution to your credit needs – The Polar Credit Line.

How to borrow money from Polar Credit?

The Polar Credit Line is a lending facility which you can use to borrow money as and when you need to. We know what our customers are looking for – a simple application process, a quick decision and instant access to cash. Our credit line brings all of this together in the palm of your hand. You are in control of your borrowing through your online account anywhere, any time!

When you open an account with us, there is no need to submit applications every time you want to borrow cash. As long as you comply with the terms of your credit agreement, you can transfer any amount of £25 or more, up to your credit limit, at any time. Borrowing money online with us is:

Apply now for your personal Polar Credit Line so you are never left out in the cold again.

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Representative Example: Amount of credit: £1200, interest rate: 49.9% pa (variable) and 1.65% transaction fee. Representative 68.7% APR (variable)

£200 £2000