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Cost of living budget tricks: Fuel costs

The rising price of oil is another issue making managing our finances even more difficult in the current climate. Not only that but train strikes are affecting would-be passengers all over the country, making this a difficult time to get around the UK at the moment.

Again, focus is on the government to find ways to tackle such issues, but travel costs for the consumer are still increasing as no plans have yet been agreed. It’s wise to figure out how you can save money on your fuel costs in the meantime by reading our following tips.

If you drive for work

Fuel costs are particularly problematic for anyone who uses petrol or diesel as part of their job. Whilst it would be good for your health to walk or cycle instead of driving where you can, not all of us have that luxury.

Organisation is often a powerful tool when it comes to saving money. Pay careful consideration to the routes that you’re taking and always plan ahead so you don’t need to make any unnecessary trips. Consider whether you can avoid driving during the hottest part of the day, so you can turn the air conditioning down, as this also uses up your petrol.

Be a smart driver

Driving more smoothly is a known way to reduce the amount of fuel your vehicle is consuming. Being observant is the key to smooth driving so keep your eyes well ahead of you on the road, and this will improve your road safety as a bonus. Driving in a higher gear will also use less fuel, as will making sure your vehicle is well maintained.

Avoid driving around with unnecessary weight in the car so check the boot before you head out, remove your roof rack if it’s not in use, and even consider filling your tank only halfway when you top up to avoid the extra weight.

Be picky with your petrol station

It could be worth driving a little further to another petrol station if they’re offering better fuel prices. Often supermarkets can offer cheaper fuel or look out for petrol stations that offer loyalty points and discounts if you visit them often.

If you run out petrol right before payday, you may be able to use your loyalty points for fuel, or in the meantime borrow responsibly and look for credit that is flexible and easy to manage, such as a Polar Credit Line.

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