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Valentine’s Day Ideas That Fit Your Budget

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and it’s time to start preparations for the holiday.

Getting caught up in the consumerism whirlwind surrounding Valentine's Day happens, but this year we’re focusing on taking a step back and making financially savvy decisions. This doesn’t mean you have to cancel the celebrations, though.

From affordable gifts to Valentine’s Day ideas that won’t break your budget, we’re looking at the top ways to celebrate without sacrificing your finances. Consider changing your financial habits this year. Scroll down to see the top suggestions.

Buy Affordable Gifts In Advance

Gifts are a staple of Valentine’s Day celebrations. From unique and personalised gifts to premium chocolates, it’s easy to accidentally spend a little more than you expect — especially if you’re shopping at the last minute.

However, many popular presents are much cheaper when you buy them a month before. Take advantage of the January Sales and the sharp price drops. Affordable gifts take the strain off your expenses, so get organised and save some pounds.

Get Crafty At Home

Valentine’s Day ideas don’t have to be purchased. In fact, the most affordable gifts of them all are homemade presents. If you have an artistic streak, now’s the time to put it to work. Show your partner how much you appreciate them with home-crafted goods or a love letter. Endless low-budget gift tutorials can be found online. Start exploring some inspiration today to be ready for the 14th.

Consider Assistance From Direct Lenders

If you’d rather celebrate Valentine's Day at a restaurant or an event, you’ll have to spend more this year. The cost of living crisis has left us without supplemental income for celebrations. Still, there are some alternatives to help you enjoy the day – for example, credit lines from direct lenders and payday loans.

Direct lenders are here to help you with extra money when needed. However, you must always ensure you can pay any credit or loans back before signing up.

Learn more about direct loan lenders and Polar Credit here.

Valentine’s Day Ideas For Foodies

Another affordable way to celebrate February 14th is through food. Why order in when you can cook up a sumptuous meal from scratch? Cooking together leaves you with a delicious meal, and you can also turn the experience into bonding time with your partner.

Whether you have a sweet tooth or a savoury palate, experimenting in the kitchen or preparing baked goods is an affordable gift that your partner will cherish.

Polar Credit Can Help This Valentine’s Day

If you’re set on making this Valentine’s Day the best one yet but don’t want to ruin your 2023 budget, Polar Credit might be able to help.

As direct lenders, we provide credit lines to candidates across the UK, allowing them to access cash when needed — similar to a traditional credit card. And, like with a credit card, all Polar Credit accounts can be paid back in small monthly instalments, not only in one lump sum.

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